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HTaE Author's Note

Don't read this unless you've finished "Here, There, and Everywhere."

First of all, I hoped you enjoyed the story. I enjoyed writing it, I enjoyed sharing it, I just hope you all enjoyed the trip. :) Second, THANK YOU ALL FOR FOLLOWING THIS STORY/SERIES. THANK YOU FOR THE REVIEWS. THANK YOU FOR THE FEEDBACK. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU! There are so many of you I've met through this thing, and so many great conversations I've had because of it. I appreciate it all. I really do. :)


Now, this thing has been quite the staple in my life for almost two years, and while I'm sad to see it go for MANY reasons, I'm also happy to have it done. It was quite the project, and it's always nice to finish something that you've put so much work into. I honestly feel as though I've learned so much...much more than I thought writing fanfiction could. Weirdly enough, people always rag on fanfic for being crap, but I think it's made me better. It's given me the confidence to try some original stuff, and that's payoff enough for me. :)

Now, onto questions. I guess we should start with the inevitable...


I know some people thought that (and perhaps in bold capslock too). However, whether they did or not isn’t really important, as much as you know they're doing it one way or another. They've come this far! From the little kids I borrowed from JKR and started them as, to the point I left them at. That was their journey as I saw fit to tell it.

A part of me wants to leave it entirely up to the reader and how they view Ted and Victoire to determine whether they did or did not run out that very minute, but I have a feeling I’ll answer the "did they/didn't they" question in an upcoming story one of these days…In fact, if one of the stories I want to write makes it to fruition, then I know I’ll answer it. In the meantime though (or on the off chance I never get around to writing that story!) I’m leaving it completely up to the reader. You tell me. :)

BUT A TED/VICTOIRE WEDDING! WANT! You said no more, so, um, we don’t get to see it…? EVIL!

This is the end of my Ted/Victoire series, that is true, but it’s not the end of Ted/Victoire. I’ve put too much into them to abandon them forever; never to be heard from again.

But I do need a break where they’re not the focus; a period where they’re off living their lives while everyone else gets to be fleshed out. Will they be around in the future? Absolutely. As of now, every story I plan to write takes place in the same post-DH world. If you haven’t noticed, they all thread together in some way. That will never not be common place unless I decide to purposely do something outside of this box I’ve created. Not that I see that happening, but I'll never say never. I've learned that...

Truth be told, I really can’t see myself writing a future story without Ted and Victoire making some appearance in some way. That’s a fact. You’re not getting rid of Ted or Victoire.

Well, wtf? Do any of these appearances entail a wedding?!?

All I’m saying is weddings make great backdrops for stories. But as you’ve seen from two of my stories now, I tend to prefer the other characters attending the wedding rather than the bride and groom.

So, we’ll get to see what happens? Just in another character’s story…?

Don’t make me spell this out.

And which character’s story is that exactly?

That is the question, isn't it?

As of now, I have a plans for three to four new stories. I say three to four because I may combine two into one story, but unless I can work out a manageable flow between the two POVs, I’ll just make them two separate stories.

Will they be as long as the stories I’ve already written? I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally want to say no, but I have no idea. Stories tend to grow on me before I know what happens. This sequel wasn’t supposed to exist originally, and when it did, it wasn’t supposed to be longer than either "AYitL" or "TS". Now, do I see a series birthing out of any of these new stories? No…but again, I never saw one birthing out of “A Year in the Life” either. As of now though, I just see the single stories in the future.

So, here they are chronologically (ala, not necessarily the order I may write them in, but rather how they fit on the time line).

I’ve told many throughout the course of “HTaE” that a Louis/Sarah story piqued my interested. I'm weird in the sense that I actually plan characters' story lines even though I know it won't make it to page, which is what I did with these two (and with most of my characters). In doing that, I found their story very cute. Mostly though, after I wrote the epilogue, I became very intrigued of the story line I gave them in the future. That story is one of the many things in my series that is based on something I've seen or experienced in real life. What Victoire tells you in the epilogue about what happened to Louis, that actually happened to someone I know. It's a story that's somewhat fascinated me; definitely enough to give it to a character and possibly expand upon it.

Then, of course, people found themselves enjoying the Dominique/Henry plot. I can’t blame you because I loved writing them. In planning this, I wanted Dominique to have some sort of outside relationship going on, but who on earth could I pluck out of this crowd of unknown characters to match up to her? Why Roger Davies’s son came to be, I don’t know. I remembered mentioning him in “A Year in the Life” once, because I try to (I really do) put familiar names in there from HP. I think about who would have kids this age now and who wouldn’t, but seeing as we don’t know too much about Bill/Fleur/Tonks generation and the people in it, I usually don’t come up with too much.

I never planned on bringing Davies to life more than that flagrant foul he threw on Jack Ians in “A Year in the Life”. However, when trying to create a character to match Nicki, the parallel was too good to pass on. Her mother, his father…It practically wrote itself. Let it not be said that I don’t try to at least draw from canon before I go and create a completely original OC. :)

Anyway, I think my favorite chapter that I’ve ever written is the one of Nicki and Davies in the library arguing together, and I have no idea why. They’re just fun. They’re so unconventional, but yet, they’re not. So many relationships are JUST like that, but they rarely get their story told. I never planned on expanding on them because I thought they were fun how they were, but…the more I think about it, and the more interest I see people having in them, I think—no, rather, I know—I can make a story out of that. I’m more worried about tackling Dominique’s POV (lol) head on, but we shall see if--and what--I can do with that.

It's this, along with the Louis story, where I feel like I can combine them somehow, but at the same time, I’m struggling with working out a flow to it all. They may end up as two separate shorter stories instead of one larger one. We’ll see.

Now, those were just the stories that were born while “HTaE” was in the works. Before that, I also had plans on writing a story about James Potter and a story about Lily Potter (sorry, Albus, but you'll be in them...!) They would take place after the epilogue occurred, and while I won't get into too much detail, there was a very specific reason I fleshed those two out a little more than other characters. My James story is a chance to get away from writing a guy like Ted (because I see them as very different people, and I'm excited about that), and my Lily story is something along the lines of "A Year in the Life," though also different because I see her and Victoire as also being very different. Not to mention, being the children of Harry Potter is sure to affect their lives in various ways... ;)

Well...that's that! Those are my plans as of now, but I'm completely open to change and new ideas. We'll see. :) I'm not going anywhere, and I'll update this journal still, so feel free to stick around if you'd like. :)

More importantly, when could you expect a new story? Hard to say considering my real life is crazy now (it's probably a good thing this story is ending when it is!) but I'll always find a way. Some time this summer would be great...wouldn't it? ;)

Thanks again :) <3
aka sweasley

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