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Anyone out there? Wouldn't be surprised if no one was. It has been awhile. A very long time. I pretty much fell off the earth.

Well, not really. I just moved to a new city almost right after the T/V series was done posting, got married, found myself with a very time consuming job, and I had a baby--a little girl. :) She's now 9 months old, so needless to say she keeps me pretty busy. Life and real world stuff.

Also, with Harry Potter finished and done, I unfortunately don't have the daily reminders I used to have that made me always want to write fanfic. However, lately I've found myself pulled back in. I read JKR's Lupin bio the other day that she posted on Pottermore, and I couldn't help but be reminded of why I love this world so much. Also, she went and brought up Teddy (Edward! His given name is friggin' Edward! You know, I almost thought of calling him Edward because I prefer it over just plain ol' Ted. Should have gone with my gut. I'll have to go back and edit the story for that). Anyway, it all just reeled me back.

There's a plot bunny I've had forever. It's that Dominique and Louis story. Honestly, in retrospect, I'm glad I didn't write it back when the T/V story ended because I had a totally different idea of it than I do now. The story I've been kicking around recently (because it's never fully left my mind--ever) is...well, I think it's better. I actually really like it. I have a feeling that if I never write it, it'll never go away. I mean, it's been, what? Four years? I'm still thinking of this fucking story. Sigh. It creeps into my original fiction ideas and...well, that makes things confusing.

Anyway, I do still check reviews and comments every so often. I see every one of them. I do get the occasional, "Are you alive?" and lately I've gotten quite a few--maybe that's why I'm writing this. It almost surprises me people still...care? The fact that I still have people asking for more, or telling me they reread the T/V series over and over again is insanely humbling. It makes me want to write more. Maybe I should?

I mean, if even one person says they'll read it, I might just have to get to it. More than anything, I want to write something--and it's been awhile. I'm not going to claim it's going to be done tomorrow or soon (I think it's more evident than ever as to why I finish a story before I post it--otherwise I might disappear for few years), but if you've waited this long.


P.S. This is literally the first time I've signed into this journal in forever. I have a lot of friend requests, and I'm sorry I've not responded. I've not posted a damn thing in forever though, so you haven't missed anything. I would have been a really boring friend to have.
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