sweasley (weasley_wannabe) wrote,

Fic rec!

It's no secret that I enjoy reading about wank. HP wank, especially.

So, I was recently reading a write-up of how someone out there apparently has a huge issue with how fail Neville/Hannah is for various reasons (none of which made them seem worthy of such vitriol...but alas), but it did make me want to read a really good Neville/Hannah fic. I've generally stayed away from Neville fic considering people tend to get him really OOC (same goes for Luna), but does anyone have any recs for something? The idea of the two of them getting together creates a lot of fun little plot bunnies (the last thing I need...!) but instead of writing one, I'm hoping someone knows of something I can just read instead. :)

If it's set during DH, all the better! :) I'd also love any recs for a really good "Neville, Ginny, and Luna's antics at Hogwarts during DH fic" if you know any! Don't say DAYD, though. Not my cup of tea...

P.S: Thanks for all the wedding well wishes! It was absolutely amazing and everything I could have asked for in a wedding day. :)
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