sweasley (weasley_wannabe) wrote,

::Blows dust off journal::

Well, it's been awhile. :) I've had a lot of people friend me lately--which generally comes in waves as it is--but I've had a big wave hit recently. Not quite sure why, since I've been busy not doing fic for the last couple of months, but it definitely reminds me to get back to it. It also reminds me that I should update once in awhile...

Needless to say, I've definitely taken full advantage of my break--a break that has thus far been filled with an abrupt move! I'm now a resident of Orlando (I was in Tampa before, so it's not that big a change). I'm now even closer to the future Harry Potter theme park...not that that's why I moved. Don't get me wrong, I love HP, but not enough to pick up my life like that. :) Plus, if I was that hardcore, I'd have gone overseas where the real action is....not down the interstate. :)

No, my fiance was transferred, so here we are! Rather exciting, I suppose; though I do miss my old stomping grounds. I'm used to moving (I've lived in pretty much a new place every year of my life...and no, I'm not an Army brat. It just worked out that way), so I adapt quickly. Finding a new job isn't something I'm too excited to do, but with the down time, you know what that means....

I get to write!

I've decided to start my next fic. I had been bouncing back and forth between Nicki and Louis's story versus James's, but James's story is just sitting with me at the moment. It's the one I think of when I actually think about writing, so...I've decided he'll be first. It'll be nice to introduce an entire new realm of characters and let the other ones rest a bit. I'd like to get back to them eventually, so I'm putting them in my back pocket for the moment.

I've also been contemplating doing some one shots. I've had a few requests here and there, and since it's been a couple months, it'd be nice to "warm-up" a bit before starting a new story. I'm not necessarily committing to the idea, of course, but would anyone have any preferences? If I get enough (any) responses, perhaps I'll have a poll and see what people would like most...or maybe I'll just write the one that sounds the most interesting, lol. I don't know. I already know there's a vote out there for "Bill's reaction to Ted/Victoire" (you know who you are!) So who knows... :) The options are wide open, so feel free to suggest whatever. (Though, it's more likely to happen if it's something I'm interested in...so no Harry/Hermione, sorry!)

Anyway! I'm still here. I'm still around. It's hot as balls here in the Florida. That's all I got. :P
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