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26 March 2015 @ 11:21 am

Friend me!

What does friending me get you?

Access to locked entries; anyone who's been around here for a story or two knows that to mean that you get first glimpses at my stories before I post elsewhere. Sometimes, days at a time. It also means that you get access to content that I don't necessarily feel is suitable to be unlocked. However, at the moment, after figuring out how to restrict chapters to certain underage viewers, I have mostly unlocked everything. This won't necessarily be permanent. For now though, all stories are open.

You can also friend me for various other cool, awesome reasons...to be named later. :)

No worries. I friend everyone back, so if you're worried about getting denied...well, you probably won't be. :)

*Note, while writing and not updating a story, I'm not on this thing as much. It may take me a little time to friend you back, but I will! :)
06 August 2013 @ 11:43 am
Anyone out there? Wouldn't be surprised if no one was. It has been awhile. A very long time. I pretty much fell off the earth.

Well, not really. I just moved to a new city almost right after the T/V series was done posting, got married, found myself with a very time consuming job, and I had a baby--a little girl. :) She's now 9 months old, so needless to say she keeps me pretty busy. Life and real world stuff.

Also, with Harry Potter finished and done, I unfortunately don't have the daily reminders I used to have that made me always want to write fanfic. However, lately I've found myself pulled back in. I read JKR's Lupin bio the other day that she posted on Pottermore, and I couldn't help but be reminded of why I love this world so much. Also, she went and brought up Teddy (Edward! His given name is friggin' Edward! You know, I almost thought of calling him Edward because I prefer it over just plain ol' Ted. Should have gone with my gut. I'll have to go back and edit the story for that). Anyway, it all just reeled me back.

There's a plot bunny I've had forever. It's that Dominique and Louis story. Honestly, in retrospect, I'm glad I didn't write it back when the T/V story ended because I had a totally different idea of it than I do now. The story I've been kicking around recently (because it's never fully left my mind--ever) is...well, I think it's better. I actually really like it. I have a feeling that if I never write it, it'll never go away. I mean, it's been, what? Four years? I'm still thinking of this fucking story. Sigh. It creeps into my original fiction ideas and...well, that makes things confusing.

Anyway, I do still check reviews and comments every so often. I see every one of them. I do get the occasional, "Are you alive?" and lately I've gotten quite a few--maybe that's why I'm writing this. It almost surprises me people still...care? The fact that I still have people asking for more, or telling me they reread the T/V series over and over again is insanely humbling. It makes me want to write more. Maybe I should?

I mean, if even one person says they'll read it, I might just have to get to it. More than anything, I want to write something--and it's been awhile. I'm not going to claim it's going to be done tomorrow or soon (I think it's more evident than ever as to why I finish a story before I post it--otherwise I might disappear for few years), but if you've waited this long.


P.S. This is literally the first time I've signed into this journal in forever. I have a lot of friend requests, and I'm sorry I've not responded. I've not posted a damn thing in forever though, so you haven't missed anything. I would have been a really boring friend to have.
31 March 2010 @ 09:33 pm
It's no secret that I enjoy reading about wank. HP wank, especially.

So, I was recently reading a write-up of how someone out there apparently has a huge issue with how fail Neville/Hannah is for various reasons (none of which made them seem worthy of such vitriol...but alas), but it did make me want to read a really good Neville/Hannah fic. I've generally stayed away from Neville fic considering people tend to get him really OOC (same goes for Luna), but does anyone have any recs for something? The idea of the two of them getting together creates a lot of fun little plot bunnies (the last thing I need...!) but instead of writing one, I'm hoping someone knows of something I can just read instead. :)

If it's set during DH, all the better! :) I'd also love any recs for a really good "Neville, Ginny, and Luna's antics at Hogwarts during DH fic" if you know any! Don't say DAYD, though. Not my cup of tea...

P.S: Thanks for all the wedding well wishes! It was absolutely amazing and everything I could have asked for in a wedding day. :)
01 March 2010 @ 11:45 am
Happy March! I come bearing my last of the Dominique one-shots. As I've mentioned, a few chapters didn't fit the flow of my overall Dominique story, and this was the last of them. I deliberated for awhile about how I could have used this chapter (it was actually going to be the first chapter), but ultimately I decided not to because it's a flashback.

It works well on its own, and you probably will see it again as sort of a prologue to Dominique's full length story when that premieres. I guess in that sense, this is a true preview--whereas everything else were just cut away chapters. I'll fully admit that I haven't been working very diligently on Dominique's story lately because I'm getting married in less two weeks (yay!). These one shots have just been my way of popping in to say hi since I can't give you a big story at the moment. :) Consider this my wedding present to all of you. :)

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16 December 2009 @ 02:23 pm
I got an anonymous message yesterday asking me if I'm still alive (not in those exact words, per se, but that was the gist of it).

So here I am updating to say I am. ::waves:: :)

I was also asked what I was working on, if anything. For those who care, I am working on Dominique's story; progression is definitely coming along, though not as fast as one might hope considering I've got three months left to finish planning this wedding of mine. Sometimes that gets hectic, and I don't foresee it getting any easier the closer I get to March. lol.

But, because that message reminded me that I'd been meaning to post something, I've got another part of the story I can offer up as a one-shot. I think I may have another chapter I can soon offer up too, but that one may still end up in the story, so I'm thinking it over. At this rate, you may just end up getting the damn thing in one-shots! lol.

Either way, I'm a fan of this little one-shot because in order to write a story about Dominique, I had to really get to thinking about her and how her mind works. For whatever reason, it got me to thinking about her as a kid, and...well, I suppose it's a small glimpse into the past of how I see her. :) She's always been my favorite character to write as a side character, so I enjoy fleshing her out little by little.

It's not much, but it's my little holiday stocking stuffer for you all. Happy *insert your choice holiday here*! :)

A Girl and her Broom
27 August 2009 @ 12:56 pm
Okay, so, this isn’t Bill’s reaction…I know that one "won", and I’ll do my best to get to it, but sometimes you just have to write what the mood strikes you. At least I do…

And after weeks of playing with this James’s story, out of nowhere the other day, Dominique’s story started to reformulate itself in my head. I’ll confess, someone suggested an idea for a one-shot—one that definitely intrigued me to write—but I couldn't really tell it without getting involved with Dominique...which in turn got me thinking about her.

So what did I do, I started writing about Dominique because I wanted to see if I could do it. Dominique’s not Victoire…she’s a spitfire, which can be tough to keep up with. I’ve been a little intimidated by the prospect of doing a story from her POV, but I wrote a chapter—a great little origin chapter which gives you a little more insight into why I feel she is the character she is—and then I wrote another chapter and I was actually very happy with them both. I suddenly wasn’t so afraid of Dominique (lol). I can now see her more or less running her own story.

So, I kept going and came to the story posted here. I had originally planned on this one being in her full-length story too, but after mapping her entire journey out, it doesn’t really fit. I mean, it does, but at the same time it was almost just superfluous. However, I really liked how this one turned out because I (rather unintentionally) ended up exploring the dynamic between Dominique and her group of friends. They’ve all been mentioned, and you’ve met them all, but when she (and then Louis) become the focus of their own stories, you'll get to see them in a new sort of light. This is a taste of that.

So, the one-shot I’m offering you today is one I threw together from Dominique’s POV. It’s a just a random day in her life during her fourth-year that slowly sets her up in her own way. If you're keeping tabs, chronologically, this is would occur before "A Year in the Life" and the "The Spark".

It’s not too telling of what is to come for her in her story (one of the reasons I think it works on its own), but at the same time it is. I just couldn’t bear letting it never see the light of day, so I decided to let it out there to share.

Woohoo, my first one shot!

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08 August 2009 @ 04:18 pm
::Blows dust off journal::

Well, it's been awhile. :) I've had a lot of people friend me lately--which generally comes in waves as it is--but I've had a big wave hit recently. Not quite sure why, since I've been busy not doing fic for the last couple of months, but it definitely reminds me to get back to it. It also reminds me that I should update once in awhile...

Needless to say, I've definitely taken full advantage of my break--a break that has thus far been filled with an abrupt move! I'm now a resident of Orlando (I was in Tampa before, so it's not that big a change). I'm now even closer to the future Harry Potter theme park...not that that's why I moved. Don't get me wrong, I love HP, but not enough to pick up my life like that. :) Plus, if I was that hardcore, I'd have gone overseas where the real action is....not down the interstate. :)

No, my fiance was transferred, so here we are! Rather exciting, I suppose; though I do miss my old stomping grounds. I'm used to moving (I've lived in pretty much a new place every year of my life...and no, I'm not an Army brat. It just worked out that way), so I adapt quickly. Finding a new job isn't something I'm too excited to do, but with the down time, you know what that means....

I get to write!

I've decided to start my next fic. I had been bouncing back and forth between Nicki and Louis's story versus James's, but James's story is just sitting with me at the moment. It's the one I think of when I actually think about writing, so...I've decided he'll be first. It'll be nice to introduce an entire new realm of characters and let the other ones rest a bit. I'd like to get back to them eventually, so I'm putting them in my back pocket for the moment.

I've also been contemplating doing some one shots. I've had a few requests here and there, and since it's been a couple months, it'd be nice to "warm-up" a bit before starting a new story. I'm not necessarily committing to the idea, of course, but would anyone have any preferences? If I get enough (any) responses, perhaps I'll have a poll and see what people would like most...or maybe I'll just write the one that sounds the most interesting, lol. I don't know. I already know there's a vote out there for "Bill's reaction to Ted/Victoire" (you know who you are!) So who knows... :) The options are wide open, so feel free to suggest whatever. (Though, it's more likely to happen if it's something I'm interested in...so no Harry/Hermione, sorry!)

Anyway! I'm still here. I'm still around. It's hot as balls here in the Florida. That's all I got. :P
13 May 2009 @ 05:03 pm

Don't read this unless you've finished "Here, There, and Everywhere."

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